Cricket to Return to Westminster?

6 October 2007

According to this week’s Catholic Herald, Cardinal Pell of Sydney is now high on the bookie’s list for taking over from Cardinal Murphy O’Connor as Archbishop of Westminster.

Can we take it as read that the authorities at Lord’s will make sure that he becomes a permanent feature?

Which county should he follow?  He is an Australian, so can’t be expected to turn up just to watch a day or two of a game: he will want a team to be his and, hopefully, not just because some stray compatriot happens to be playing for it.

I would suggest (but then I would) that His Eminence look to the heartland of Catholicsm in England and Wales, to the Recusant heart of England, to the Red Rose county.  It will show commitment to his new country and his old Faith.

It won’t do much for his nerves, though.


Hello world!

5 January 2007

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